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Finding the source of your problems and having the right people and things in place to help you fight it and figure it all out who want to help you fight to live is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I literally go away from everything and everyone to vent and avoid hurting anybody. Allow me to vent. Allow me that. Tumblr, sometimes I feel like ur my only friend. Who else would be up at this time? Lol I got jokes. Nice to be able to smile despite my current head space. Sigh. One day.
Tumblr, u get me and I appreciate that u do. I know I might seem crazy but I need somewhere to put these thoughts and you are willing to listen.
Thank you Tumblr, u get me.
I’m trying, I’m really trying. It’s just very hard. I just want to be better. These ups and downs are literally killing me slowly. But it is what it is. I’m just so very tired.
I should stay away from people. I’m too messed up and toxic to have a real meaningful and drama free relationship with anyone.
Dear world: AVOID ME!!!! It’s for your own good. Ask anyone I know. They’ll agree.
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