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I’ve realized that the less you care about other people, the happier you truly are. I’ve found a whole new happiness these past few weeks that have been absolutely amazing.
You hurt me so deeply that you can’t possibly begin to imagine the pain that burns within that so often manifests outwards, but I managed to forgive you. Over and over and over again, and I shall always because mercy begets mercy. One day, I’ll be fine. Not today, tomorrow, next week, next year even, but one day. My eyes have been opened up to so many things and beautiful opportunities and possibilities now that I’ve released so much. Every lesson is a blessing and I shall thank you every day for the rest of my life.
Today; learning to have a newly shifted mind set will bring desired results. No matter what you do there’s always someone who will not appreciate your efforts. Don’t get mad, simply get better and move on.
Say what you want to say and the way you mean to say it. How people understand it is a reflection of them and their current head space.
Allow no one to walk over you, no matter who they are. Let them walk away instead, you’ll thank yourself in the future and be just fine.
Love yourself, treasure yourself, respect yourself, protect yourself enough to know when it’s time for a fresh new start.
Finding the source of your problems and having the right people and things in place to help you fight it and figure it all out who want to help you fight to live is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I literally go away from everything and everyone to vent and avoid hurting anybody. Allow me to vent. Allow me that. Tumblr, sometimes I feel like ur my only friend. Who else would be up at this time? Lol I got jokes. Nice to be able to smile despite my current head space. Sigh. One day.
Tumblr, u get me and I appreciate that u do. I know I might seem crazy but I need somewhere to put these thoughts and you are willing to listen.
Thank you Tumblr, u get me.
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